Google Ghosting Games

A news trifecta landed in my inbox this a.m. Linking, SEO and PageRank was the subject. Ghosting (as in cheating in online games) was the word that came to my mind to best describe the scenario.

Companies, like people, have freedom of speech and freedom to act so long as it does no harm. While it’s important to listen to what’s being said, and watch what is being done, to be critical of the process is not so much what is said and done on the one hand, but on the other hand, the results that are being reported after the fact.

1. I started my morning read which was predicated on a video by Matt Cutts

2. I then proceeded to read “Google and the Paid Link Crackdown” and comments.

3. And finally a pre-launch sales video from Market Samurai titled “Google Caught Red-Handed STEALING Your Business-Critical Keyword Data…”   that made a case for “How To Rescue Your Keywords, Traffic, And Income From Their Greedy Corporate Hands Before It’s Too Late…”



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